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Start Abacus comfortably without a web-launch

AbaClient combines a Java environment controlled by Abacus with a browser tailored to Abacus needs.  The Java environment is based on the open source project OpenJDK which does not cause any Oracle dependencies. The browser allows the use of and for Abacus generated certificates without warning messages.

AbaClient recognises and supports the new "abalink" format, which will be used from Abacus version 2019.

AbaClient also serves as a replacement for the product AbaStart.

Support macOS: AbaClient 3.0 can be installed with macOS 12.x or higher.

Older macOS versions are not officially supported.

FileOSVersionCreation date
AbaClient GermanWindows3.2.99606.05.2024
AbaClient FrenchWindows3.2.99606.05.2024
AbaClient ItalianWindows3.2.99606.05.2024
AbaClient EnglishWindows3.2.99606.05.2024
AbaClient (.dmg)macOS3.2.99606.05.2024
AbaClient (.run)Linux3.2.99606.05.2024
For Versions 2018 and older   
AbaClient GermanWindows2.5.85030.08.2022
AbaClient FrenchWindows2.5.85030.08.2022
AbaClient ItalianWindows2.5.85030.08.2022
AbaClient EnglishWindows2.5.85030.08.2022
AbaClient (.dmg)Mac2.5.85030.08.2022
AbaClient (.run)Linux2.5.85030.08.2022

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